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The Spring-Summer 2019 campaign features models @mxlunaa and @altonmason. Go behind the scenes with them at the shoot in Paris. #accordingtokarl

Merhaba Millet 😊 By: @seyma_68


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WOW! Henry Cejudo KO's TJ Dillashaw in 33 seconds!

THE OVOMORPH 🥚🙌🏼 Layers of red velvet cake filled with lemon Swiss meringue buttercream, & covered in dark chocolate ganache (I used glucose thinned with hot water for the textured effect). Topped with a handmade Ovomorph egg from the Alien movies! The egg is filled with red velvet, honey cream cheese, & raspberry jam. Coated in dark chocolate & pretzels. SWIPE FOR EGG INNARDS 🍳💦


遊んでるうちにこうなった。 お腹〜😍

“Bayou Impressions” One of many new images that I’ll be sharing around the new year from my travels down south in the swamps. This is an area that eye has become very comfortable photographing over the past few years. Each visit provides a different feel, a different look, a different aesthetic which you don’t find in other forests. These cypress trees have their own character and personality. Gotta love the swamps with peak fall color. For more images and info, please visit my website at: #swamp #swampscapes #mood #moody #moodynaturelandscapes #atmosphere #mist #fog #foggy #thesouth #bayou #bayoulandscape #nikond850 #nikonusa #nikonofficial #d850 #d850nikon #naturephotography #landscapephotography #landscape #nature_good #igworldclub_longexp #reflections #reflectionphotography #autumn #autumnleaves #fallcolors

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Kim Baber discussing our model for the Micro Histories exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane in February. The model is of a house we designed in collaboration with Baber Studio @kim_baber

presents @_gudrun666_ as our Featured Congratulations! Please visit the artist's gallery and show some love! ∙ Photo selected by: @judibooty🍂 ───────────────────────── ∙ Keep tagging your best photos to #rsa_fog (Older photos): #rsa_fog_jan19 for a chance to be featured! #rf__gudrun666_ . Happy 📷 Snapping Everyone! #royalsnappingartists#rsa_nature #rsa_vsco#rsa_social#transfer_visions #infamous_family#rsa_outdoors #rsa_sky#rsa_main#tv_foggy #wow_america #ig_namaste#mist_vision ♛ ♕ ♛ ♕ ♛ ♕ ♛ ♕ ♛ ♕ ♛


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Supermoon 2019. My fingers and toes are still freezing, but it was worth to stay outside. We filmed a nice youtube video about this image, that we'll release in the next weeks. Have you tried it? No? GO OUT NOW! ----------- Supermond 2019. Meine Finger und Zehen frieren immer noch, aber es hat sich gelohnt, draußen zu bleiben. Wir haben ein schönes Youtube-Video über dieses Bild gedreht, das wir in den nächsten Wochen veröffentlichen werden. Hast du es versucht? Nein? GEH JETZT RAUS! #jaworskyj #supermoon2019 #supermoon #tutorial #winter #travel #adventure #wanderlust #landscapes #picoftheday #amazing #earth #explorer #photography #water #travelblog #germany #inspiration #haukland

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I don't think I've ever shared a video clip on my feed but this made me laugh. Meg is very patient with me when taking photographs in the snow so I always make time for playing. This Labradoodle has given me so much, she deserves a great life! Oh yeah, we finally got a dusting of snow!!

Suspended *** what a fun evening chasing the eclipsing #moon through #sanfrancisco! though i have other images with various city buildings, i mostly enjoyed just staring up at the blood red magic through the fast moving storm clouds 😅 it was hit and miss for a while but ultimately the storm clouds made it even more beautiful ♥️

⠀⠀ G I L D E R Ä S T The year is 1873 and the demand for copper is at an all-time high. The miners of Coniston work tirelessly to meet these ever-growing demands and blast deeper into the mountain. On 10th April a local chap, Adler Stickit, was tasked with blasting out a section at the deepest point of the mine. However, the work sheet he received had passed through many hands that day and by the time it reached him it was a crumpled filthy rag. In one of the boxes was the estimated amount of TNT to use for the job but the decimal point that he'd mistakenly thought was a spot of dirt was in fact a decimal point. Instead of setting a charge of 1.0 tonnes of TNT he erroneously increased it by a factor of 10! The resultant blast was felt hundreds of miles away but miraculously nobody died. Not on that day, at least. What they didn't realise in the first 24 hours after the blast was that the incredible amount of energy generated in such a focused area underground had not only split the mountain open, as you can see in this photo, but also ripped a gaping hole in the fabric of space and time. As some of you know, ours is not the only universe. we exist in one reality amongst an infinite number of realities and universes. The multiverse. And sometimes, though rare, those realities can collide with cataclysmic consequences. What came through the gaping hole under the mountain on that warm spring day can only be described as a manifestation of hell. A seven-headed manifestation! Gilderäst was the creature's name or "Gold Death" on account of the dragon's sickly colour. He slid from the split in the mountain and wreaked havoc on the world; starting with the poor miners that had unwittingly brought him into it. But, like most creatures in all universes, he eventually grew weary and longed to return to his own realm, which was no longer possible as the spacetime tear had collapsed shortly after his glorious arrival. And so he retreated to the deep mines of Honister where he has spent the many years trying in vain to return to his hellish realm; occasionally venturing forth to incinerate unsuspecting walkers on Striding Edge! Welcome to the land of legends!


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________________________ Drumsheugh Baths | Edinburgh, Scotland | c. 1882 • The Drumsheugh Baths Company commissioned the architect Sir John James Burnett (1857-1938) in the late 1800s to design a building on a steeply sloping site in Belford Road, formerly old Queensferry Road in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The Drumsheugh Baths that he created is the oldest private bathing club in Edinburgh, and one of only three in Scotland • Built in 1882, the building is designed in the Moorish style and has a deeply shadowed entrance under a low-pitch stone bracketed roof - a style that was favored for public and private baths at that time. Just a decade after it was built, the building was completely destroyed by a fire and Burnet’s company was responsible for reconstructing the baths on the original site at an estimated cost of 6000 pounds • Shortly after being rebuilt, the Club went into liquidation and the present company, Drumsheugh Baths Club Limited was formed in 1902 to acquire the building and from the liquidator. The Board of Drumsheugh Baths Club Limited has a long-term aim to conserve and restore the Victorian features of the club • Like many other baths of its day, the interior at Drumsheugh had a distinctly Mediterranean feel, with slender columns and arches visible throughout. Swimmers still make use of the trapeze and six gymnastic rings suspended above the pool to keep their upper body strength in top condition • In the early 2000s, an extensive million pound major refurbishment of the pool tank and surround took place. The new poolside changing cubicles, upgrades to the lighting systems, and replacement of plant equipment saw the club face bankruptcy as it struggled to cope with loan repayments. A plea was sent out to the club’s 500+ members who rallied round and saved the historic facility from closure • 📸: @sooukdotcom ✍: @wikipedia + • #accidentallywesanderson #wesanderson #vscoarchitecture #vsco #accidentalwesanderson #travelmore #lovescotland #drumsheughbaths #edinburgh #unitedkingdom #scottish

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Busy times at the office mean late evenings and early mornings ... which kinda feel like the same thing. . . . . . . . #lifeofanarchitect #whatthisarchitectdoes #design #constructiondocuments #monthlongdeadline #partyon

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Different perspectives bring new appreciation for old treasure.

San Diego

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Spent the last couple of days relaxing at a beach house with family for my Mom’s birthday. One of the nights we got some great clouds, so I took a bike to the pier and snapped these➡️ . I used my new 24-70mm for the first time and it’s now easily the sharpest lens I own now.

Habitus Loves : Mandai Courtyard House in Singapore by @atelier_ma

Memories of weeks spent wandering and dreaming around the shore of Lake Pehoé 🇨🇱 #whpwanderlust

STOVE VALKE. 2015, Amersfoort (NL). Photo Filip Dujardin. #devyldervincktaillieu