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İyiki doğdun @thevurdem! Buda benim hediyem olsun 🎁🙏 #erenvurdem

🔷Our friend and LOA Expert Heather shockingly claims that You Can Force The Universe to Give You Anything You Want. 🔷And you can do it faster than ever using a few secret techniques that most people don`t even know about. 👍❤️ Watch this free training by going to the link in our bio @lawofattraction0! ❤️👍

Missing my home in Miami.. 😓 I believe you can live a happy life anywhere but you really have to want it! I always felt connected to America & I just knew that here is where dreams will become true for me and everyone that doubted me I ignored. If you want to succeed in life you’ll have to take risks and stand out from the crowd. Be different, but stay always kind.🌟 Shot by @pixelmediasolutions 🙌🏽

✌🏼“Ousar é perder o equilíbrio momentaneamente. Não ousar é perder-se.” #work #moda #modamasculina #menstyle #mensfahion #elieserambrosio 📷 By @cauegarcia 👏🏼

I've been upping calories per my coaches orders and I just started a new 5 day training split. So excited to put on some quality size 🤘🏼I'm gonna try my best to post my first vid on the Tube tonight, please support ya boi! 🎵Undefeated - A Boogie🎵