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Leila Gerstein’s birthday lunch guests 😍😍. For those who haven’t seen Hart Of Dixie; Leila is the show’s creator and Josh Cooke played Joel Stephens. . (Photo credit: Leila Gerstein on Twitter)

Wilson with Jet Jurgensmeyer behind the scenes of the movie Cold Turkey (2013).

Wilson as Ray Weishaar in episode 2 of Harley And The Davidsons (2016).

This reminded me of Wilson 😉. . (I didn’t make this meme so I’m not responsible for the typo in Denzel’s name 🤨)

June 2011 . Photo by Patrick McMullan

The relationship between Wade Kinsella and his dad was one of my favorite things in Hart Of Dixie. This scene, in which he had to sing with his dad to get him to come down from the roof, the response from the people and Zoe finding out that Crazy Earl was Wade’s father was such a great scene. Originally episode [01x04], on TV episode [01x05].

In the Thirst Aid Kit podcast, Wilson mentioned he’s thinking about doing a stage musical sequel of the web series Stupid Hype. I’m very curious about that and have many questions. Will he play Hype again? Who else will be in the cast? When and where? Will it be filmed? Because I won’t be able to see him perform on stage it would be great if it will be available online some day. Well, I’m waiting (not so) patiently for any news about any new projects.... (Photo found on the Internet, not my own screen shot)

😳😍😍😍 . .This is a repost. If you ‘like’, please check out the original post at @jayali7 ・・・ Dex wanted to grab a quick picture before he shot me in the head. I hope him and Seema are really happy together. She never cared about my eggs getting cold. Happy Friday everyone. #bffs #dexray #headshot #raynadeem #unfinishedpool #psycho #daredevil #fatherlessson #poorsami #wilsonbethel #jayali

Blood & Oil [01x03] 2015. . I didn’t care much for this series but I loved Wilson’s look in it. The slightly longer hair and beard made him look more rugged and mature than his earlier roles. And that one sided smile...

Hart of Dixie [04x02] . Screen cap by Maria Kourelia (pinterest).

Wilson in his first movie, 1968 Tunnel Rats, in 2008.

Wow, looks like Wilson’s on my side of the big pond... 😀 (Spain) . . #repost @smartiz_marta ・・・ Incontri fantastici e dove farli

Wilson attending Spongebob Squarepants last summer. Photo by Tony Marion.

The CW fall TV preview parties 2011 - Just the most perfect smile 😊 (alamy stock photos)

Merry Christmas 🎄 . For everyone who’s suffering from cold winter weather, a little reminder of the Bluebell heatwave 😅. Hart Of Dixie 01x04 (originally 01x05)

Daredevil 03x12. He tried so hard...