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Daredevil 03x09

Wilson behind the scenes of American Koko with Diarra Kilpatrick (repost from @ diarraoni)

Hart of Dixie 03x11. . I was really impressed by Wilson’s performance in Daredevil because his character was so different from his own personality. But one of the reasons why I liked him better in Hart of Dixie is all the funny and various facial expressions. He can tell a story with that face without saying a word. He told a story of fear and anger in Daredevil but his story in Hart of Dixie was much lighter, closer to his own personality; funny and sexy. And I really love it that he can do both so well.

Reposting this because there were weird stripes in it the first time. Jay Ali, Joanne Whalley, Wilson Bethel and Elden Henson signing autographs in the Marvel Booth at New York Comic Con 2018. Photo by Six Foot Promo

Red carpet at CW Upfront 2012; that perfect smile 😊...

Behind the scenes of Daredevil season 3. Repost from Jay Ali.

Daredevil 03x08

The Astronaut Wives Club episode 1 (2015). With Yvonne Strahovski.

Just read that Netflix has canceled Daredevil. I’m not sure what that means for Daredevil or Bullseye but I’m pretty sure Wilson will be back on our TV screens. When, where and in what show or movie, I don’t know but he’s too talented not to be cast again. (Hart Of Dixie behind the scenes photo by Gabrielle Eisenstadt-Hall)

New York Comic Con 2018, Daredevil Panel. When Vincent d’Onofrio gave Joanne Whalley a hug, Wilson decided he wanted one too 😉😊. Photos by Yoko Higushi

(Amor Fati) Halloween party 2010. Photo by Koury Angelo.

Daredevil 03x05. I knew before season 3 was released that Wilson broke his hand during one of the stunts. When I saw the show I figured it could have happened when he punched his hand through the wall of his apartment. But when I saw him playing on, washing his shirt, throwing some plates and a knife against the wall with force I couldn’t imagine that it happened during that take. Turns out...it did. He actually continued the scene after breaking his hand. I was already a fan but this leaves me in awe. I admire and respect this guy so much!

😍😍 #repost @hellvocado ・・・ Quick one of Dex before I sleep, I'm surprised at how productive I was today #daredevil #dd #dex #fanart #digitalsketch #agentpoindexter #benjaminpoindexter #netflix #wilsonbethel #mcu #marvel

Daredevil 03x04

Hart of Dixie 04x09

😂😉 . . . #repost @jayali7 ・・・ When your mom tells you dinner’s ready.. #daredevil #dex #raynadeem #marvel #netflix #wilsonbethel

Still from the behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot for g-shock watches in 2011...

Daredevil 03x03