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Oh, June! πŸ™„ (Swipe to see what happened!)

Avocado's rule!

Little brown bears!



George and Mini Me. 2019

Practicing shadows with my little, furry friend.🐾🌡

Just finished! 2019 🌿

Sketching one of my favorite pieces. I'll be done soon! 2019 🎨

She's dreaming.🌠

June. 2019

Sunny + cat toy = happiness. 🀘2019

Honey bee. 🌻 2019

Not all those who wander are lost πŸŒ™ 2019

Sketching hands 🀚2019

Wishes. 2019

Wishes is loving the new palm tree🌴 2019

A little furry friend is helping me paint. 2018