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For some reason, he reminds me of Fred C Dobbs in TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE. “What’s three times $35,000?!?! I bet you a hunnit n five thousand dollahz you fall asleep before I do!”

"The beauty of art is that it reveals itself over time, even to the artists who create it." Link in bio .

✊🏽 It’s not enough to just talk about it or tweet about it, you have to go out and do something about it. Join me in supporting @JohnLegend’s #cantjustpreach initiative - learn how you can take action here: Benefitting: @thetrayvonmartinfoundation @flrightsrestore @ConMijente @txcivilrights

Alina Rudya

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Natasha in CCCP bar (now closed) in Berlin-Mitte. 2012

We can never get too much of #luthervandross! Today a legend was born! May he rest in peace. #blackhistory #blackexcellence

لما البنت تعوز تتطفش العريس😂 *منشن*

@yasminabdelaziz_ @doniaabdelmaboud 😂😂❤️❤️ كواليس #مسلسل_لآخر_نفس 👸🏻🤩💘✨ #رمضان_2019 😎🔥✌🏻

Perfect timing for a warm cup of coffee especially right now. 🌿 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ☝ Follow us for more coffee pleasures!☝ . . . Repost @squarepad

#ok51_jimolson “Stepping stones into infinity” - #ok_51 is a series of vignettes that depict the evolving design dialogue happening within @olsonkundig. Each of our five owners created a set of images that explore the intersection of architecture and place, context and creativity, ideas and reality.


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Happy 3rd birthday, #princealexander of Sweden! 👑🎈📸:Josefine Persson for @kungahuset


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First 💯 of the year.

She's vivacious, she's outrageous, she's one of the most influential people IN 👏THE 👏WORLD! @ChrissyTeigen #time100

وصل وصل وصل تبين تتجددين باطلالاتج عند اهلج وربعج؟؟ وباسعار معقوله ؟؟ مالج الا @havanaaboutique ‏@havanaaboutique ‏@havanaaboutique